Our Dog Ava


We are the Emmett's – a husband and wife team who are both extreme aviation enthusiasts and travel the country looking to buy airplanes. It is something we started doing full time a few years ago. We have a grass runway on our property and we usually fun fly our 1950 PA-18 Super Cub every sunset. Our dog Ava loves to fly as much as us. We have a good life great friends and are happy. 


 You might be selling your airplane for a number of reasons. 

I can promise you I will not give a lowball price. I will make the entire process easy and enjoyable. Call or send me an email with the specs. I just need to see some pictures and pictures or digital logs. That is all I need to make the offer. Then I will fly up, do my quick inspection, then we go to the bank. That usually happens after lunch. I have made dozens and dozens of lifelong friends buying airplanes. If we are not interested in buying I can almost guarantee we know a buyer. We have a about a dozen buyers at all times asking for a specific make and model. Often the ones they got their ticket in. 

Thank you for visiting! Best - Troy and Cynthia.

We buy airplanes

Not Broker Them. 

  • The worse that can happen is I will give you a free V-Ref evaluation. No pressure, no annoying phone calls. It starts with you calling me. 

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