We are the Emmett's – a husband and wife team who are both extreme aviation enthusiasts and travel the country looking to buy airplanes. 


We will give you a free evaluation of what your aircraft is worth, and either make you an offer, or give you priceless advise on how to sell your aircraft. Most of the people we do business with become lifelong friends, and we look forward to making genuine and personal connections.


You might be selling your aircraft for a number of reasons; however, with today’s market, selling an aircraft is more risky than ever. Buyers are looking for rock-bottom prices, so handling the sale yourself means, in all likelihood, leaving money on the table. Equally risky is using a bargain-priced broker without the personnel, experience, prospect networks and negotiating stamina needed to move your aircraft quickly at fair market value. 


With a network of thousands of pilots, we know someone that wants your airplane.

We help owners sell in one of two ways:


  • Sending you in the right direction on exactly what to do, step by step, to get the most foryour aircraft

  • Purchasing your aircraft on the spot

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