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It Is Super Duper Simple!

At T&C Aviation, we are dedicated to helping people get the most value out of their airplane. We are not brokers, rather, we buy airplanes directly from owners. We are experienced professionals that will provide you with a free aircraft appraisal, so you can confidently know what your aircraft is worth before you make a decision to sell. We make cash offers on the spot and come to your ramp to make the process as convenient as possible. With our services, you will save the brokers fee and get the most out of your airplane.

Fast and easy. Regardless we will part friends and usually for life. It's that easy I promise. We won't low ball you or in anyway insult you with my offer. And if we are not in the market we will direct you for free in how you should proceed to get the most for your airplane, at no cost to you. You can not lose.

Troy Emmett

(678) 977-1890

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